Windows are often an afterthought when it comes to home improvements. While they allow in light, they are most often ignored by individuals looking to improve their home’s value and functionality.

How? Well, we here at Prime Window Coverings are your top choice for residential window film in Mississauga. Our technicians know firsthand the value of quality window films. Learn more below!

Why Should I Consider Window Films?

Did you know that sunlight warming up your home can raise your expenses, and damage your property? With year after year of sunlight hitting the interior of your home, UV light can cause colours to fade, fabrics to fray and wooden fixtures and furniture to crack and lighten. This is significant damage to your furniture, floors and any decorations you might have near your windows.


Residential window films are a low cost, low effort solution that offers all the added value of conventional window coverings at a fraction of the price.

Before and After Pictures of Window Film Installation in Mississauga Home

This is a simple application of a residential window film in a Mississauga home. If you think this looks good, just keep reading!

The Advantages of Window Film

Energy Efficiency and Savings

With the right window films, you can insulate your home for all seasons. Solar film acts as an insulator, rejecting heat in the summer months and trapping it inside in the winter season. This simple application can lower your utility costs and bills, as your home will be less reliant on heating and air conditioning! This quick and easy fix literally pays for itself by lowering costs and making your home more comfortable and valuable.

Better Safety & Security

Glass breakage can be a real hazard. When a window breaks, shards and pieces can become dangerous projectiles and potentially harm anyone in the vicinity of the break. Most types of window films offer protection against breaks and prevent small glass fragments from flying in the event of an accident. For extra safety, consider Security Films, specially designed window films intended to offer optimal protection and peace of mind.

Protection from the Elements

UV, or Ultraviolet- Rays, are a form of solar radiation which is incredibly damaging to surfaces and the human body. These rays penetrate through glass very easily, and cause damage over time to your furnishings, decorations, wooden floors, carpets, artwork and upholstery.

What’s worse is that UV rays are harmful to human skin. When exposure to UV rays is significant, over time exposure can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. This is why we use sunscreen in the summer months.

An application of residential window films can prevent harmful UV rays from permeating your home, allowing you to block up to 99%! This can save you thousands of dollars in sunlight damage and prevent potentially harmful side effects to yourself and your family members.


With a wide range of decorative residential privacy films for Mississauga and the GTA we can customize your desired level of privacy. Tinted films and opaque application are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, allowing you privacy and security. Our decorative privacy films are modern and sophisticated, offering elevated levels of style for optimal privacy. Install anywhere where flat glass window film can be!

Find Window Film Solutions for Your Home

Prime Window Coverings is your top choice for residential window films Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Our knowledgeable technicians and salespeople can custom fit any window film solution to your needs. Any sort of window film is an excellent choice for most windows. The options for your windows are endless, and if you’re still unsure, simply give us a call or send us an email to talk with one of our specialists today. Prime Window Coverings is here to help. Get your free consultation today!