We’re a bit late on the uptake, but we couldn’t help writing this article, even a year after the craze has died down. Here are Marie Kondo inspired minimalistic design ideas for your home.

Minimalistic design is all about simplicity and functionality. Every piece of furniture, every accent, every decoration should add value to your interior, while providing an aesthetically pleasing look. At the basis of the idea, minimalistic design calls for simplicity and the reduction of unnecessary clutter. How does this apply to window treatments? Well, that’s easy. Minimalistic window treatments veer away from grandeur. When you think of a home from the 70’s, you probably imagine floral lamps, brightly coloured (often clashing) couches and rugs, and large, lacy curtains. Now imagine the exact opposite, and you have the right idea of what minimalism looks like.

A minimalistic window treatment should be clean and simple – directing light or keeping it out without drawing too much attention away from your interior. Thankfully, this is not as complicated at it sounds. The majority of roller shades, cellular shades and plantation style shutters offer the exact set of criteria, while providing your interior with the energy efficiency that they should. Keep reading and learn more about the 3 most simple window treatment ideas that can help transform your space and give it that clean, modern style you’re looking for.

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  1. Recessed Fixtures – Shades and Blinds

A very easy way to declutter your space is to simply do away with curtains and drapes. Interior mounted window coverings such as roller blinds or shades are installed neatly into your window frame, eliminating the need for rods, cornices or valences which take up so much space and are often an eye sore. Many shades and blinds can be installed with cordless options, further reducing the clutter. To top it off, certain window treatments can be completely hidden away when installed within a ceiling pocket!

  1. Modern Textiles

Who said minimalistic design has to be in shades of white? An accent colour on your roller or cellular shade can revitalize and modernize your interior, without succumbing to the sterility of an all white and grey minimalism. With a multitude of textiles and fabrics available, our lines of roller shades, such as our Altex products, come in a variety of modern, sleek fabrics and designs to best match your home’s interior. One of our more popular options are the ever so useful zebra blinds, which pair a sheer veneer with an opaque surface, allowing you to customize exactly when you want light, and when you want complete privacy and sun protection. We install zebra blinds Mississauga wide, and further!

  1. Cordless Options

Less is always more. Not only do cords and chains clutter your window, they also present hazards to young children. Cordless window treatments such as pull shades and blinds eliminate the hazard and work wonders in decluttering your window.

  1. Motorization

Motorize your window treatments with our Somfy systems for the ultimate marriage of form and function. Simple, easy to use and easy to install, motorized window treatments offer the same clean aesthetic while providing you with an easier way to control your window treatments remotely. Use a phone, a switch, a remote or even pair then with your home voice command system such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Learn more about motorization here.

Prime Window Coverings installs motorized window treatments Mississauga wide, and beyond.

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