If you’re easily woken by sunlight, headlights of passing cars, flashing siren lights and streetlights, you’re not alone. With the number of sleep issues rising steadily as technology becomes more prevalent and the stresses of our hectic lives catch up to us, it’s not a surprise more and more people suffer from disturbed sleep. Napping children, shift-workers, condo dwellers and even just light sleepers are enjoying about the effects of blackout shades, so why shouldn’t you? There are many people who benefit from blackout shades and blinds, and more are taking off their sleeping masks and enjoying the feeling of a dark bedroom. Learn more about these shades below.

How do Blackout Shades work?

Blackout shades are made with quality opaque materials which block out natural light. When properly installed and tightly fitted, blackout shades can provide near complete darkness for your sleeping benefits. In addition to light blocking, blackout shades are also excellent at keeping your interior temperature controlled.

For homes in the GTA, blackout shades are a great choice, as even those of us living in the suburbs experience a lot of headlight and street glare. For all your blackout shades Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto and GTA needs, contact Prime Window Coverings today1!

What about Blackout Blinds?

Many blinds offer a very tight fit and uniquely positioned slats. A blackout or dim-out roller blind is an opaque fabric housed in a cassette, much like a zebra blind, which runs within side channels to block out light around the edges. Blackout fabric can be applied to most fabric blinds such as roman blinds or zebra blinds.

What kind of materials are available?

While many of our blackout options can be purchased in a variety of colours and materials, you can also consider the idea of applying a blackout lining to a conventional window treatment such as most shades. Blackout lining can be easily applied and offers the same benefits as regular blackout fabrics and textiles.

Where can Blackout Blinds and Shades be used?

While the number one use of blackout window treatments is in bedrooms and nurseries, there are many other applications. Media rooms, offices, home theatres, dark rooms, closets and bathrooms can benefit from blackout treatments. Any spot where light poses an issue, or complete privacy is required will benefit from one of these treatments.

What are some of the benefits?

Now you’re getting us talking!

  1. Light control – Prevent light from the early morning sun, car headlights, streetlights and crazy partying neighbors who enjoy their disco ball a little too much from getting into your space. Blackout shades and blinds are very effective at helping to regulate your sleep schedule and limit the amount of light pollution entering your home.
  2. Noise control – While most window treatments provide some noise control, blackout blinds and shades are among the most effective at dampening unwanted sounds. They can help you tune out passing cars, planes, motorcycles revving and even reduce the likelihood of you calling the cops on your disco party neighbors. For many condo and apartment dwellers, this is the top choice. Prime Window Coverings installs blackout shades in Mississauga and beyond!
  3. Privacy control – What is more effective at providing you with complete privacy than an opaque surface? Blackout shades and blinds are excellent for increasing the privacy of your home of office, as they limit visibility into your interior nearly 100%.
  4. Temperature control and energy efficiency – While they’re drawn, blackout shades and blinds help reduce the amount of sunlight and heat a room receives. In the colder months, they provide an effective layer of insulation between you and the frigid cold outside. This can help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home or office at a pleasant temperature, year-round! For homes in Mississauga and the area, blackout shades are a great choice to insulate your home and reduce your bills.

Ask us about our blackout options and get ready for a better night’s sleep, ultimate privacy and superior home comfort. We stock a wide range of quality products from companies such as Altex or Louvolite, and offer a thorough in-home or office consultation to determine what is the best possible product for your needs. Give Prime Window Coverings a shout today, and benefit from free installation on all purchases!

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