You probably know all about motorized blinds and shades, especially if you’ve read any of our past posts. But when we hear motorization and automation, many potential buyers think of the two terms as interchangeable. In order to fully understand your purchase, we’ve assembled a quick guide explaining the differences.


Put simply, motorization of your window treatments means your treatments can be installed with a motor. Motors can be purchased in a variety of options: battery operated, rechargeable or wired into your home or business electricity. Most motor options, such as our Somfy line, are operated using a remote, wall switch or app which controls the motion of your window treatment.

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Automated window treatments take their motor a step further. Programmed to automatically function via a smart hub of any kind, they allow you to control your shades remotely through your home’s wi-fi. In addition to remote operation, fully automated shade systems can be programmed to raise and lower your shades at certain times of the day. This allows for easy light and temperature control and is an added safety and security feature for when you’re away from home.

The Breakdown

We can’t really make suggestions for you, as ultimately choosing the right system for your needs is a matter of what you’re looking for from your window treatments. If you’re simply looking for an easy way to open and close blinds installed over a particularly hard to reach window, the choice is simple. However, if you’re interested in having the ability to control your blinds remotely, or want the added ease of blinds operating on a timer, you can consider fully automated systems such as the Somfy myLink™ technology offered by Prime Window Coverings. Outfitting your Mississauga or GTA home with fully automated window treatments allows you to use your voice assistant, smartphone, tablet or Smart Home system.

The Benefits of Motorization and Automation:

  1. Safety – No more cords or strings hanging around within reach of the more vulnerable members of your family.
  2. Convenience – Pick up a remote, push a button, use your myLink app or ask Alexa. You’re in control at all times, and can choose the most convenient way to open and close your blinds or shades.
  3. Comfort – Schedule your window treatment’s positions to match your day, every day.
  4. Privacy and Security – Create the illusion that someone is always home and deter potential intruders or those who might violate your privacy with relative ease, even when you’re on vacation.
  5. Energy Savings – Outfit your home with sun sensors and prevent your home from heating up or losing warm air. Your motorized shades are made to adapt to the outside weather conditions and manage your energy costs more efficiently.

Schedule a consultation with Prime Window Coverings today and ask how you can turn your home into a Smart Home with the help of our line of motorized and automated window treatments. We serve the Greater Toronto Area; Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, North York and further.

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