You might be a firm believer in curtains but hold on to your disbelief for the time it takes you to read this article, and you, like myself, might just be convinced to ditch the fabric and invest in a smarter form of window treatment.

While many home design trends come and go, since their inception, cellular shades have been a staple. Their shape and texture, as well as their versatility offer a freshness and a malleability which allows them to blend in with any interior. Whether you live in a condo, a townhouse or a basement apartment. Because cellular shades have none of the harsh lines of blinds or shutters, they allow you to soften an interior while providing a myriad of other benefits. Take a look at some of the reasons you too should become a believer in the honeycomb. Prime Window Coverings sells and installs honeycomb shades Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and the rest of the GTA.

  1. Contemporary Appeal

As stated above, cellular shades are perfect for any interior, offering the same versatility of any shade with the added benefits of the below.

  1. Energy-Efficiency

Also called honeycomb shades, cellular shades are made of stacked rows of honeycomb-shaped cells. These cells create air pockets which trap and retain air inside the inner and outer fabric panels. This makes them amazing insulators which keep hot or cold air in and outside your home. In the winter, they prevent cold air from outside your window from leaking in, allowing you to stay cozy and toasty warm.

  1. Light Filtration Control

One of the absolute best features of cellular shades is the numerous products available. Pick and choose a level of light filtration suitable for your interior. From full blackout to partially opaque, you can pick a level which suits your needs.


  1. Complete Privacy

Don’t worry about your privacy and security. With complete control over your shades and a top-down orientation, you can cover even the most exposed windows at eye-level while retaining a sense of light through your windows. A snug, well measured fit will ensure that no area goes uncovered for when you need some time to yourself.

  1. Noise Reduction

Not many people know that window coverings block sound coming in and going out. The heavier the insulation, the better the noise reduction. While many window coverings allow some noise filtration, there is no better option than cellular shades due to their unique design and multi-layered options.

  1. Ease of Use and Child Friendly Design

Install a cordless, top-down shade and ensure that you’ll never again struggle with cords and dangling strings. Cellular shades are among the safest options for homes with children or pets who enjoy making mischief with your window treatments.

The bottom line is the benefits of cellular shades are budget-friendly, versatile and offer a range of benefits which are uniquely attuned to the needs of households and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to cellular shades we install: Blinds Mississauga, Window blinds Mississauga, Zebra blinds Mississauga, Drapes Mississauga, Custom drapes Mississauga, Shades Mississauga, Window shades Mississauga, Shutters Mississauga, Window shutters Mississauga, Window coverings Mississauga, Motorized shades Mississauga, Motorized blinds Mississauga, Motorized window coverings Mississauga, Residential window film Mississauga, Flat glass window film Mississauga, Commercial window film Mississauga and many other locations.

If you’re still not convinced, call or text us today for a free consultation, and we can discuss your window treatment needs! Reach out to our teams and ask about the benefits of cellular shades for your property.