Bathroom windows are some of the trickiest windows to outfit properly. That’s not a secret, it’s a fact. Selecting the right treatment can be a nightmare as often, a cohesive installation alongside the rest of your window treatments is not a possibility. I mean, who on earth would want a curtain right beside the toilet? Bathroom windows can contribute to the relaxing atmosphere your bathroom is supposed to have. For this reason, we’ve written up some of our handy tips and tricks for choosing the best option for your bathroom. With custom window treatments being a difficult choice in the Greater Toronto Area, we suggest custom shades and blinds for Mississauga and the surrounding area.

What should I consider when choosing a bathroom window treatment?

These windows always present a series of challenges. It’s best to have a good idea of what you’re trying to accomplish with your installation. Before deciding on a style, make sure you analyze the following factors.

  1. Moisture Resistance

No matter the kind of bathroom you’re looking to outfit with stylish and functional window treatments, you need to consider the fact that a bathroom is one of the moistest spaces in your home. No matter what, moisture will accumulate on surfaces. For this reason, coverings made from moisture resistant materials such as faux wood or vinyl are the best option to prevent mould, mildew and prevent excess cleaning and maintenance. Faux wood shutters, vinyl mini-blinds and vinyl roller shades are among the most resistant to water damage.

  1. Privacy

Obviously, your bathroom is one of your most private places. Nobody wants to be watched by peeping neighbors while they’re brushing their teeth, which is why you’ll feel far more comfortable with a type of window covering that offers complete privacy from the outside. Mini blinds made of vinyl or aluminum are a great option, as well as roller shades which block the view from outside. Top floor windows or places where sightlines are a lesser issue might benefit from cellular shades with top-down functionality, providing light and a view of the outside while maintaining privacy. Another great option is a zebra blind, which offers a light filtering function and can be adjusted for complete privacy. Zebra blinds Mississauga are a really good choice for exposed areas such as street facing bathrooms and lower level areas.

  1. Light and Space

You have a window! You might as well use it like a window! Natural light can make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming. However, many people value their privacy more, and block out the entirety of the window with heavy drapery or block-out shades. With light-filtering window treatments you can allow natural light inside without sacrificing the privacy of your space. Treatments such as cellular shades, zebra blinds and faux-wood shutters can be adjusted to let in sunlight while obscuring the view from the outdoors.

  1. Style

The timeless question of style is relevant in any interior, including your bathroom. Consult with our experts today to find a window treatment option which matches your interior and the overall look you’d like to achieve in the space.

What Treatments Should I NOT USE in my Bathroom?

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many window treatments should generally be avoided in places prone to moisture. Some of these treatments quite simply put have no place in these interiors.

Wood shutters and blinds should be avoided simply because they’re not moisture resistant. There’s nothing worse than spending money on natural wood treatments, only to have them thrown out within the year. Because wood is porous, the natural moisture can cause warping and rot on your treatments. Similarly, these treatments are hard to clean and maintain – not fun for a place riddled with germs and contaminants.

Solar shades are also not recommended by most professionals. While they might seem like a good idea, come nighttime, the shades turn translucent or transparent, meaning your neighbours might unknowingly get a full view of not only your interior, but other more private things…

Curtains and drapes can encourage mildew and should be used with caution. If you plan to install any fabric-based window treatments, ensure that you’re running your bath fan at full, and take efforts to ensure proper ventilation when bathing or showering.

The Final Verdict

If you think it through and take into account this guide and select your treatments with caution, you’ll have no trouble finding a fitting treatment for your bathroom windows. However, if you have any more questions, give our team a call! We can help fit any window treatment to your bathroom interior, and will help provide you with style guides to uniformly outfit your bathroom alongside the rest of your home.

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