Here at Prime Window Coverings, the number one question we’re asked is: why should I bother with window treatments when I can save my money for different home upgrades instead? If this question is bothering you, you’re in for a treat because this article will answer exactly how investing in proper window treatments can save you big bucks. Let’s delve right in!

We know that with costs going up throughout Canada, saving money is on everyone’s mind. This blog will help you learn how custom window treatments can help local Mississauga, Oakville and Greater Toronto area homes and businesses cut down on costs.

Besides the more obvious aesthetic factors, window treatments play a massive functional role in your home or office. Any window treatment from the simplest curtains, to the most significant investments such as our Somfy motorized treatments, available in Mississauga and the GTA, can not only increase your privacy, but also improve your property’s energy efficiency and provide you with much needed UV protection. Depending on the size of your space and windows, this could be thousands of dollars in savings, just through the installation of treatments which block sunlight and heat or insulate your home. If you’re intrigued, just keep reading, as we’re going to go through the top ways in which you can save.

Energy efficiency:

Did you know that up to half of all your heating and cooling energy is lost through your windows? It’s true. Besides the issues that come with older windows and improper insulation, your heating and cooling bills are going to maintaining what comes in and out through your windows. Sure, you can install newer, more energy efficient models of windows, but this is a massive investment and lengthy undertaking. For notably less, you can add proper drapes, blinds or shades, and save big time by keeping them closed in harsh sunlight or using them as an extra layer of insulation on a cold winter’s night.

energy efficient solar panels

No matter the type of window treatment, the main point is temperature control. The more effective the treatment is at keeping sunlight out, and warm air in in cold times, the more money you save by running your AC or heating less. For maximum energy efficiency, consider a treatment such as a cellular or honeycomb shade, which optimally prevents heat and light from entering, and warm air from exiting with honeycomb pockets that trap the aid. For even better efficiency, consider layering shades, blinds and curtains, or consider investing in a motorized home system for control away from home.

Prime Window Coverings installs shades, shutters and blinds Mississauga, Oakville and beyond. Don’t delay, and take advantage of local savings today.

Safety, security and privacy:

Of course, one of the primary reasons one buys window treatments is to create privacy within their home. Stop people from peering in, stop potential thieves from looking inside. No, you don’t have to cover your entire home with drawn curtains. Window treatments such as solar blinds offer excellent protection from UV rays, offer complete privacy, while still allowing light to come into your home. For the ultimate safety and private comfort, consider a motorized system that will allow you to protect your home from afar, at the touch of a button! There is no need to sacrifice your privacy and peace of mind without window treatments!

safety and privacy with shades

Protection from the elements:

Guess what?  Natural light can be harmful to you, and to your home. Overtime, sunlight exposure can cause significant damage to your furniture, floors, carpets and home décor! Overtime, most coloured items in your home will fade with prolonged exposure to UV rays. Similarly, these rays can do major damage to your skin and health. If you’re the kind of person who is easily woken through light coming in through your window, there is no better solution than a light blocking window treatment such as a black out curtain. In hot climates, a black out curtain can reflect next to all hot sunlight entering your premises and protect your space from harmful UV rays. Thermal curtains can help insulate colder climates. Decorative window treatments are no longer being made to be purely decorative. Nowadays, with so much variety, you can choose for function and for aesthetics.

blinds and sunlight protection

Consider the possibilities of making your property and windows look better, while investing in a series of personalized upgrades which not only raise the value of your property, protect your safety and health and allow you to sleep soundly at night, but also, save your windows from leaking away your hard-earned money. When you tally up the benefits, you can understand why a window treatment is not a financial burden, but a massive benefit in nearly any circumstance.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and we hope that Prime Window Coverings can help you make informed decisions about your property windows. Prime Window Coverings is your number one source for custom window blinds, shades and motorized window treatments Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Call or message us today for a free in-home consultation! We’re your one stop shop offering all kinds of window treatments; fabrics, drapes, blinds, shades, rods and motorization in the Greater Toronto Area. Our amazing team can help you find the perfect window treatment fit for your home. We serve the Greater Toronto Area, from Hamilton, Oakville and Brampton, to Vaughan, Scarborough and Toronto! Contact us today for a free consultation!