Cleaning your blinds is one of the daily household chores we often forget about, or simply neglect to do. Without proper maintenance however, certain kinds of blinds and shades are prone to discoloration and dust accumulation. Thankfully, most blinds and shades are easy enough to clean! For the most part, they don’t even need to be taken down. For your convenience, we’ve accumulated some handy tips and tricks about cleaning your blinds and shades, depending on what kinds you might have on your property.

Blinds and shades come in different shapes and forms. From horizontal slats to vertical blinds, to roller shades, and all kinds of materials. Depending on what kind you have, different cleaning methods are more effective than others. Save yourself time and have a quick read about the kinds of blinds you might have.

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Section one – Blinds

Metal Blinds: Known for their durability, these blinds are usually made from aluminum. Because of the material, they’re capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to light without much damage, and last for years when cared for properly. With a small accumulation of dust to clean, the best method is to use a dry rag or duster and simply go over each individual blind, taking care to remove the dust. With heavy accumulation and other dirt, it’s best to use a combination of gentle soap and warm water. It might be easiest to take down the blind to give it a rinse in the shower.

Wooden Blinds: while nothing beats the sophistication and style of wooden blinds, they are known for being among the most difficult to care for. The one thing to avoid when cleaning these kinds of blinds is water, as it can cause warping and discoloration. As with metal blinds, most wooden blinds are most easily wiped with a soft dry cloth, or a duster. For heavier accumulation of dirt and dust, remove the blinds and use the same soft cloth to rub as much away as possible.

Faux Wood Blinds: The high price tag of wooden blinds is not for everyone. Faux wood blinds offer a similar style for your home, with the benefit of easier cleaning and maintenance. While wooden blinds will warp after cleaning with water, this is not an issue for faux wood, which can withstand moisture far better. The best cleaning method is a regular dusting with a soft cloth, or for heavier soil, a gentle wash with soap, water, or a damp cloth.

Plastic Blinds: Generally made from vinyl or PVC, these blinds are ultra popular choice for their affordability, flexibility and ease of maintenance. A quick wipe with a duster does the trick, and soap and water will remove virtually all heavier soil.


Section two – Shades

Fabric Shades: The most popular fabric blinds include roller shades, roman shades and cellular shades. These ultra versatile window treatments are popular due to the myriad of colours and styles they can come in, as well as the flexibility they offer for light filtering. The easiest and most handy way to remove dust from shades is with your vacuum. Using a dust brush, gently remove dust and dirt in a downward motion. Many people will also use a hairbrush to blow away dust. If your shades are stained, use a damp rag to spot clean. However, in order to avoid spreading the stain or discoloring your shades, avoid rubbing hard at the shade itself, instead dabbing in a soft motion. This method is applicable to basically every kind of shade, however, if your shades are vinyl, they can also be removed and immersed in a warm, gentle bath for a quick refresher.


Section three – Curtains

While curtains accumulate a lot of dust, they are also relatively easy to clean. Vacuum your curtains regularly with the curtain setting on your vacuum and the brush end. Every month or so, you can also put your curtains in the washing machine. However, as exposure to sunlight can make the fabric brittle and prone to tears, ensure that you wash them in a gentle cycle. For decorative curtains and very delicate ones, a hand-wash is often the best option.


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